Saturday, January 30th - Briarwood IEA @ Black River, Ringoes, NJ

Saturday, February 27th - IEA Regionals @ Hunter Farms, Princeton, NJ

Saturday-Sunday, March 20th-21st - IEA Zones @ Dream Park, Gloucester, NJ

Friday-Sunday, April 23rd-25th - IEA Nationals, Georgia Horse Park, GA


2020-2021 SEASON NEWS

Briarwood has supported the ingenious Interscholastic Equestrian Association (IEA) program since its inception.

​The IEA provides training and showing opportunities to riders who perhaps might not have their own horse, and yet

​enjoy going to shows and challenging their skills with a "random draw" of a show horse for the day!

​Trainer Carole Zempel leads our IEA program, and currently serves as our Regional President.

​We often field both a Middle School Team and a High School Team which proudly represent Briarwood

throughout ​the shows, often garnering top spots towards Regionals, Zones and Nationals.

​​Our team meets regularly for practice sessions, show schooling and also "mash-up" lessons where we switch horses several times to open riders up to the "match-up" challenge.  We often travel together, and encourage parental support of riders as they enjoy their sport. 

The Briarwood IEA program offers wonderful end-goals, or is a starting point towards other levels of achievement - whichever a rider chooses.

​Briarwood always encourages a true team mentality amongst all of our riders, and the IEA program allows us to compete within a team format.

The objectives of the Interscholastic Equestrian Association are:

-To promote the equestrian as an athlete

-To provide students with organized competitive opportunities.

-To introduce new riders to equine sports.

-To promote the IEA among middle, and secondary schools.

-To provide students with opportunities for further education equine sports and other equine-related matters.

-To encourage liaison with USA Equestrian, Inc, IHSA and other interested bodies

-To provide information concerning the creation and development of school associated mounted and non-mounted equestrian programs.

-To establish and enforce IEA rules, standards and policies

-To evolve with the continuing progress of equestrian sports.

-To generally promote the common interests of safe riding instruction and competition and education on matters

related to the horse industry and all segments thereof.


Riders must participate in the regular lesson & training program with Briarwood Farm.  By special arrangement,

we do invite in riders who do not have an IEA program available to them elsewhere to join our team.

​100% Commitment to the program is required by November 1st of the season.