All contributions will be made to the Briarwood IEA Team as

100% support to the Briarwood horses!


VENMO DIRECTLY TO:  @briarwood-equestrian

MAIL CHECK TO:  Briarwood Equestian Team

c/o Carole Zempel, 203 Jasinski Ave, Manville, NJ 08835


For more information call Katie at (908)-534-8833

​or Carole at (908)-358-4991

And if a financial contribution is not possible, stay tuned as we will 

be setting up other helpful options (grooming, cleaning, TLC) as soon as we are allowed even an inch of movement on our manadatory shutdown!

Keep working on flattening the curve!

And keep fit so you can ride, ride, ride when we are back together!

​​The Covid19 virus is not sustainable outside the human body, but your love of your horses is!

How would you like to support your favorite BWF star?

Buy a bag of grain?  ($20)

Purchase spring vaccinations? ($30)

Sponsor a ​horse for a week for hay, grain & bedding? ($130)

    Cashflow contribution? ($??)