At Briarwood, we teach lessons on your own horse, or on a talented schoolmaster.  All of our instructors keep a common goal of creating safe and confident riders.  We teach progressively, yet we return back to the basics constantly, stressing form and function.  


   The lesson horses we offer to a students through our program are schooled to help riders learn safely and confidently.  Our large school of horses is comprised of animals that are kind, insightful and helpful to their riders.  We have beginner ponies, we have horses that are skilled in teaching the basics of caveletti work and jumping, and we have horses that are currently competitive on the local and regional show circuit.  We believe that true horsemanship will be developed through working partnerships with a variety of horses, and we encourage team-building with riders, horses and instructors!


  $75/hour private

  $55/hour per-person, semi-private

  $50/hour group with package discount, $55/hour group outside of package

  $50/half hour private for young children


We offer competition coaching at our shows we host and on the road.  We help each rider to design an individualized competition schedule that will encourage solid training and focused performance.

  Coaching Home Show - $50.00

  Coaching One-Day Travel Show - $75.00

  Coaching Long Distance Travel Show/Championship - $100.00/day


  We offer a special program of matching up for training with a horse for a longer term partnership.  This program allows a rider to get a glimpse into the world of the responsibility of caring for a horse at the next level beyond the lesson program.  Riders start to experience what is involved in the commitment of time and effort.

   Full Term - rateable, depending on horse availability, we specialize in outsourcing as needed

   Half Term - $450/month

      With this program, the rider is responsible for the horse "1/2 of the time", allowing for 3-4 riding sessions a week in addition to lesson times.  The rider will be assisted in creating a cohesive plan of exercise, training and practice for both horse and rider.


   Offered to riders who wish to make a deeper commitment to the sport, and so would like to have more practice and independent study with the horses.  Riders will be permitted four self-scheduled rider within a month's time, and will be invited to attend monthly group lectures on a variety of horsemanship topics.

Fee:  $125/month