Sandie first came to Briarwood to receive the seriously focused training needed to become a competitive rider in the nationally recognized Medal/Maclay division.  She rode to great success in the Equitation divisions on her first horse, Corey and later enjoyed the freedom and fun of the Jumper Division on her black mare, Licorice Chic.  Sandie now teaches a multi-faceted training program utilizing her knowledge of all disciplines.  She enjoys a farm life at home with her husband Todd, and their two children Justin and Sarah, and ships her horses Twizzler and Victor in for instruction and training.
Briarwood welcomed Jenn into our staff in 2012 to keep all of our horses healthy and happy!   Jenn came in as a "Jersey Girl", familiar with the high levels of training, riding and competing that our area has to offer.  She trained under Liz Perry-Merbler as a junior, graduated from Centenary College, and also worked to New Jersey resident Olympian, Anne Kursinski.  Jenn enjoys schooling the lesson horses, training the project horses and maintaining privately owned horses for their owners.  Jenn lives in Flemington, enjoying time with the special people in her life, her husband Mark, and her super dog - Nila!

Sandie Dagnall

Carole Zempel

Carole is a graduate of Rutgers University, and first came to Briarwood as a rider within the Intercollegiate Horse Shows Association program.  She fit right into the Briarwood family, and joined our staff upon graduation.  Her attention to detail and her desire to learn is what inspires her as a rider and as an instructor. Her talents as a riding coach and teaching young people to compete has brought her to develop and lead our Interscholastic Equestrian Team (IEA).  She enjoys filling some very busy days with keeping a full time job, while teaching lessons, showing and taking care of her now-retired show horse Magic.  She loves spending time with her husband Mike, and their very happy dogs Raylin and Eva.
Katie grew up as a Briarwood student - from the ranks of the Novice rider right through being a successful competitor on the show circuit with great confidence and pride in representing Briarwood.  She graduated from Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts, and upon finding that a job in the sciences would just not over-ride her passion for horses, she returned to Briarwood to ride, teach and train.  Katie married the founder of Briarwood, Jack Benson in 1991, and they had two children, JW and Elizabeth.  Jack passed away in 2010, and Katie continues to bring an outstanding business of teaching and training to the community, all in sharing the love and respect of horses.  She thoroughly enjoys the teaching the academic science of riding, and the art of equitation, all of which carry into any discipline.  

Katie Benson

Jennifer Elrod Jones